About Us

About IFA – India

IFA – India is determined to convert passion into the profession for many who want to pursue and grow their career in one of the fastest-growing Fitness Industry globally. We are established to produce superior quality fitness professionals who can further help people adopt a healthier lifestyle by adding more safe and effective physical movements in their life.


Our Mission

  • To promote healthier lifestyle
  • To maximize safety and effectiveness in physical activity
  • To set global and highest training standards
  • To assist in employment
  • To Produce/prepare thorough fitness professional
  • To provide continuous fitness education
  • To Expand enhance association in the field of health and fitness


  • Honesty
  • Professionalism, Ethics
  • Value for investment
  • Togetherness
  • Easy to reach
  • The growth of students (Growing together)
  • Long term relationship


  • Well designed material
  • Qualified faculties
  • Well designed infrastructure
  • Easy to understand teaching method
  • Post learning assistance in employment

Area of Working

  • IFA INDIA Certification /Courses
  • Associative certification
  • Coaching for International Fitness Certification