Certification in Cardio Respiratory Training

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Cardio vascular fitness is on the top of primary health-related fitness components and is the most essential for health and well being. That is why cardio training is an integral part of any fitness training program. But do you think cardio training is just getting your client on a treadmill and setting the speed? Cardio should be done only to achieve weight / fat loss goals? If not, what else to take care of?

These two days of certification will answer such questions. This study will teach you about the cardiorespiratory system, the science behind cardio training, acute and chronic physiological response to cardio training, variety of cardio training modes and techniques, developing and progressing safe and effective cardio training programs and most importantly, monitoring the training intensity.


18 + years of Age

Fundamental knowledge of Human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology is preferred / expected

Learning pattern Contact classes
Course duration Two days (10 to 12 hours in total) | Contact classes
Course includes

Theory & practical training

One manual



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