Certification in Resistance Training

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Muscular fitness is a very important element of health-related fitness components. The huge number of fitness freak population is passionate about muscular training for many reasons such as being strong, looking good and also to improve performance. Muscular fitness has other branches like muscular endurance, strength, and power. Each has its own relative importance to function. Poor muscular fitness may lead to injuries and decreases day to day functionality.

This theory and practical study include fundamental science behind muscular fitness, mode of training, training techniques, programming, and progression. Post the completion of this study, you will be able to guide clients with logical programming, techniques, and progression.


18 + years of Age

Fundamental knowledge of Human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology is preferred / expected

Learning pattern Contact classes
Course duration Two days (10 to 12 hours in total) | Contact classes
Course includes

Theory & practical training

One manual



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